Eviction Timeline

Step 1 - Notice to Vacate
Step 2 - Eviction is Filed
Step 3 - Court Hearing
Step 4 - Judgement & Appeal
Step 5 - Writ of Possession

To read about the eviction process in detail, visit the Texas Tenant Advisor website, scroll down and click on “The eviction process”.

Learn about:

Legal Aid Resources– Eviction

Domestic Violence Resources– Non Eviction

If you are in immediate danger or need emergency assistance, call 911.

If you are not in an emergency situation but are impacted by domestic violence or sexual assault, please review this list of resources: Resources for Victims and Survivors

Please refer to the following hotlines for additional support:

Additional Resources– Non Eviction

Stay Connected

To connect to non-profit organizations and access services near you, call 211, the Texas / United Way helpline. Other ways to access the helpline:

To receive ongoing updates by text about new resources as they become available, sign up at Connective Texts