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Thank you for applying to the Houston-Harris County Emergency Rental Assistance Program.  The information you provide in your application is secure and will remain confidential.  

The Houston-Harris County Emergency Rental Assistance Program is only accepting applications for renters who are at high risk of eviction, specifically those who have received a Notice to Vacate or a notice from the court.

Sorry, you are not eligible for rental assistance at this time.  Here are some other resources you may be eligible to apply for.
Does the document you received look similar to the court document below? It will have the Court Name and Case Number at the top of the document.
Petition for Eviction Sample
We will now need some more information about the document you received.  
We will need your eviction case number in order to verify your court information.

Case numbers, also referred to as cause numbers, can typically be found at the top of the letter(s) from the court.

Here are two sample Eviction Citations with the Case Number highlighted:Where to Find Case or Cause Number - Example 1
(Note: your document may look a little different, but it will still have a Case Number)
Where to Find Case or Cause Number - Example 2
Valid justice court case numbers are 12 characters long with either all numbers or numbers following two letters (such as TR, CR, BC, EV, etc.). Case numbers, also referred to as cause numbers, can typically be found at the top of correspondence from the court.
We will now ask you for your court date if you have it.

Here is a Sample Eviction Citation with the Court Date Highlighted-

Court Date Sample

You can find your court date on the “Citation - Eviction” document. If you have your case number and live in Harris County, you can also look up your court date here . If you live in the City of Houston but not in Harris County, you can look up your court date for Montgomery County here , and Fort Bend County here.

Rental Property Name/Address Confirmation

Note: If this is not your residence, please go back and select the correct property to begin the application. If this is not your address, payment may be made to the wrong landlord.

Type your address and click on the matching result. Please omit unit numbers.

Only include unit number. I.e. 205 or A205 (Not Apt 205, #205, or entire address again with #205)
Landlord/Property Manager Contact Information
Please provide the contact information for your landlord or property manager. We will be contacting them in regards to your rental assistance application. 
If you have both your landlord and property manager's information, please provide the information for the person you have most responsive communication with now.

We strongly encourage you to provide your landlord or property manager's email address. We will not sell or share their email to any other person or organization

Tenant Applicant Contact Information
The individual listed here as the Tenant Applicant must be responsible for making payments to the Landlord. Only one Tenant Applicant per rental property/unit will be considered.

We strongly encourage you to provide your email address or that of a trusted friend or family member. Email is the fastest way to receive updates on your application status and is the primary way we will let you know if we need additional information to complete your application. We will not sell or share your email to any other person or organization.  

Tenant Applicant Documents

Note: If you are on a mobile device, clicking “Choose file” will allow you to take a photo of your document. You can also upload your documents from your computer. When scanning or taking photos of your documents, please be sure the applicant's name, address and date remain visible, for all documents that include that information.

Tenant Rent Information

For the fields below, please enter numbers only. Commas, decimals, and special characters (such as $) are not allowed. You should ROUND DOWN if needed. For example, $1,050.50 should be entered as 1050.


Please add details of your past-due rent below. Enter the total amount you owe for each month, include past due utilities and home energy costs (electricity, gas, water, sewer, trash removal and other energy costs, such as fuel oil or propane) if you pay these costs directly to your Landlord. At least some of your rent amount be past due in order to submit this application.   


Future Rent Information
The Houston-Harris County Emergency Rental Assistance Program is able to cover up to two months of future rent. NOTE: This assistance is only available if you expect to remain in your current residence for one-two months, and is also dependent on eligibility and availability of funds.


Tenant Eligibility Information

Please include all household members currently living with you for rental assistance determination. This information will not be shared with any other organization.

per month
Please enter numbers only and round to the nearest dollar. Commas, decimals, and special characters (such as $) are not allowed.

Proof of Salary/Wages

Proof of Self-Employment Income

Proof of Unemployment Income

Proof of Retirement and/or Pension Income

Proof of Social Security Income

Proof of SSI/Disability Income

Proof of Alimony and/or Child Support Income

Proof of Other Income

Proof of Financial Hardship during COVID-19


We have the following person listed as the primary applicant:
Please select the following for

Fund Delivery

Please note: If you enter a prepaid account, be aware that your bank or financial institution may charge fees and/or use these funds to cover any negative balances on your account.

How to find your account and routing number on a check

You can find your routing number and account number on a voided check. Please see the example below.

Sample Check

A check will be mailed to your address.
Tenant Certification and Signature
You must check ALL of the following in order to successfully submit this application.
Connective Texts

Note: Standard text message rates from your mobile carrier may apply.

Note: Your answer to this will not impact your ability to get assistance.

If you have technical issues with the website or application form, please email [email protected]


For more information and resources relating to COVID19, including help with finding food, healthcare, and other support, please refer to our Resources page.